1--Listen to the “Why Isn't the Sky Blue?” segment. Click HERE for the link or listen on the embedded link below.

2--Read the textbook’s discussion on “Communication as Social Construction” on page 16.

3--Write a page response incorporating what you learned and how you feel about it while correlating specific information from both the podcast and the text.
4--Bring a third source into the argument. This must be a source outside of the podcast and textbook. Use proper APA or MLA formatting and citations.

5--Turned in on Canvas in a text box. Make sure your paragraphs are separated by hard-returning an additional line. 

6--Class discussion follows.

If you want to listen to entire hour-long "Colors" episode, from where “Why Isn't the Sky Blue?” is the third segment, click HERE for the link or listen on the embedded link below.

If you are having difficulties getting to the podcast because the district is blocking it, you can download it here.

How Your Professor is Grading The Essay
Thesis: What is it you are trying to prove in this essay? This will be included in your introduction paragraph.
Podcast and Textbook Evidence: You need three specific examples. One from textbook and one from the radio podcast. A third piece of evidence is from either the textbook or the podcast. Your evidence should be fully explored and discussed with a paragraph for each.
Your Evidence: What outside source do you bring to the table to further the support of your thesis? This will be expanded into its own paragraph
Critical Analysis: This includes your observations and personal reactions throughout the essay. Do you create meaning and personalize this essay or do you just regurgitate information?
Conclusion: Wrap everything nice and tight in your final paragraph. Discuss how you proved your thesis and make reference to your introductory material
Grammar and Overall Flow: This is a university-level essay. Your writing will reflect academic standards including spelling, grammar, voice, and citations. You are not texting your buddy; you are writing an essay for your professor.
Total Points: