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---~~~xx-Murphy's Info-xx~~~---


His spacecraft suffering engine problems, Patrick Murphy crashed to Earth and spent the next million-or-so years frozen in ice. After being thawed out by Norwegians, Murphy spent his formative days at an Antarctic research facility. When things didn't work out there, he left the chilly station, joining NASA with the goal of one day returning to space. After a brief tenure as an astronaut, Murphy became a test pilot where he suffered a second catastrophic crash. A man barely alive, he was rebuilt, with what appeared to be a hefty price tag in 1974 but now looks like chump change in today’s economy, and is, as one government official put it, “better, stronger, faster.” Currently, Murphy has dedicated his life to preventing the Cult of Cthulhu from obtaining the Necronomicon, an acquisition that would bring about the end to mankind as we know it.


Sundry Bits:

Favorite Chord: diminished fifth (tri tone)
ISBN Digit Preference: 13
Favorite subatomic particle: electron neutrino
Favorite way to spell "Colour:" Colour
Favorite Ten-Digit Sequence within Pi: 3166636528
Most enigmatic ingredient in Cap’n Crunch’s Crunch Berries: Thiamin Mononitrate
Favorite HTML tag: < br >