Here is the test bank that will supplement the book questions for unit tests. Take the quiz, see what you got right and wrong; figure out why you got what you got right and wrong. Print it off. Use it as a study guide. I have now given you all the questions and answers. These tests represent the questions asked on the actual AP psychology test in the spring. Remember, getting 60% or better is doing well.

Unit 01: Psychology's History and Approaches
Unit 02: Research Methods
Unit 03: Biological: Neuroscience
Unit 03: Biological: The Brain
Unit 04: Sensation
Unit 04: Perception
Unit 05: States of Consciousness
Unit 06: Learning
Unit 07: Memory
Unit 07: Cognition
Unit 08: Motivation and Emotion
Unit 09: Child Development
Unit 09: Developmental Psychology
...... Unit 09: Gender and Sexuality (Will Not In-Class Test This Section)
Unit 10: Personality
Unit 11: Testing and Individual Differences
Unit 12: Abnormal Psychology
Unit 13: Treatment of Psychological Disorders
Unit 14: Social Psychology